Junee Project, NSW 

The Junee Project was pegged by DevEx in mid-2017 and comprises a granted Exploration Licence (EL8622) covering an area of 281.3km2 which is located within the East Riverina agricultural region of New South Wales.

The project area is located within the boundaries of the East Riverina Mapping Project, a new mapping initiative by the NSW Department of Resources and Energy to integrate new systematic geological mapping with other Government Geoscience datasets to assist mineral explorers in the region.

The Junee Copper-Gold Project comprises a sequence of Ordovician/Silurian Junawarra Volcanics and Wagga Group metamorphic rocks juxtaposed along the Gilmore Fault Zone of the Central Tasman Orogen.

The Project contains three historical gold occurrences including the Purple Lady gold mine, and the Billabong Creek gold and Riverdale porphyry copper-gold occurrences. 

Location map of the Junee Copper-Gold Project, central Tasman Orogen, NSW