11/12/2012 Change in substantial holding for EMX
27/11/2012 Results of Annual General Meeting
27/11/2012 AGM Presentation
27/11/2012 Chairman's Address to 2012 Annual General Meeting
23/11/2012 Share Placement
15/11/2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
15/11/2012 Expiry of Unlisted Options
02/11/2012 Initial Substantial Holder Notice for EMX
02/11/2012 EMX:Placement Completed, Commencement of Drilling, Director
31/10/2012 EMX:Cornerstone Investor Secured & Underwritten Rights Issue
31/10/2012 Strategic Investment in Energia Minerals
23/10/2012 Quarterly Activities Report
23/10/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
23/10/2012 PhosEnergy Process Engineering Study Commences
15/10/2012 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
15/10/2012 2012 Annual Report
05/10/2012 Withdrawal from West Lake Frome Project
21/09/2012 2012 Full Year Statutory Accounts
19/09/2012 Successful Operation of PhosEnergy Demonstration Plant
11/09/2012 Uranium Equities consolidates ownership of Nabarlek Project
14/08/2012 Response to ASX Appendix 3Y query
09/08/2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
17/07/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
17/07/2012 Quarterly Activities Report
03/07/2012 Expiry of Unlisted Options
22/06/2012 PhosEnergy Demonstration Plant Update
21/06/2012 Expiry of Unlisted Options
30/04/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
30/04/2012 Quarterly Activities Report
26/04/2012 Marla Project Update
20/04/2012 Presentation to 2012 Electric Metals Conference
13/04/2012 PhosEnergy Demonstration Plant operations set to commence
27/03/2012 PhosEnergy Process
01/03/2012 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
28/02/2012 Option to acquire additional interest in PhosEnergy extended
21/02/2012 Uranium Equities engages Boswell Capital / Appendix 3B
15/02/2012 Change of Director`s Interest Notice
30/01/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report
30/01/2012 Quarterly Activities Report
17/01/2012 Expiry of Unlisted Options